February 7, 2016

when in mourning, dress in style

Sara of Etsy shop lilynymph sent me some photos a while back of a Victorian dress she was going to be selling. It was sooooo gorgeous I told her I'd blog it when she was able to get proper photos of it taken for her shop. This is the most amazing vintage dress I have ever seen, and if I had money to blow on a dress (that I can't fit into) that I would just use on display in my dressing room I totally would have snapped this up.

This fabulous half mourning dress dates to the end of the Victorian period, somewhere between 1890-1900. This is based on the style of the "bustle" and the bodice shape. In generally good condition, it is made from a thick silk which may have been more pink when it was made but is more of a soft peach colour now. The over layer is a sheer black silk with some ruching on the bodice front and back, and some lacy sections throughout. The collar is hand tatted creamy lace, and the cuffs and bottom of the dress are a beautiful floral lace. There are pink and black tiny bows across the shoulders and back, sleeve cuffs, and at the back of the skirt. The skirt has a bit of a train.

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