November 2, 2015

Alicia Hannah Naomi - 2016 Collection

The 2016 collection is a response to struggle — to reconcile our self perception with our reflection; to bring to consciousness the unconscious; to bring to light that which lay within the shadow.
Inspired by Carl Jung’s philosophy of the shadow aspect, the collection explores the unconscious aspect of the personality that the conscious ego does not identify in itself, and imagines the assimilation of this unconscious darkness with our own reflections through the degradation and contortion of traditional forms such as chain links, hooks and eyes. Surface treatments range from the subtle through to the austere; façades weathered by unknown stretches of time. Oxidised detailing and black gems such as onyx, black diamonds and spinel help underscore the theme of the shadow aspect throughout the collection.

I want it all. SO GOOD. /// ALICIA HANNAH NAOMI ///

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Barbara Beamiss said...

So beautiful.