September 27, 2015

victorian goth

Barbara Í Gongini vest ~ Ovate tank ~ Barbara Í Gongini skirt ~ Lilynymph Vintage underskirt ~ Nutsa Modebadze boots via Cendre ~ Hvnter Gvtherer rings

P.S. thank GAWD I got a haircut a couple of days after this shoot. this cut is very high maintenance and I'm too cheap/broke to go sooner than 8 weeks. 

2 notes:

Stephanie Clayton said...

Cool layering. :)
Know what you mean about a high maintenance I think back to the avant-garde, pricey undercut I kept for years. Every three weeks, it was off to the salon to scissor-shave the underneath part. My current pixie isn't exactly low maintenance but what short cut is? I now go every six weeks and I'm good with that. Could probably stretch it out longer, if I could stand it.

kim. said...

Dear gawd every 3 weeks?! I'm thankfully not that anal about the undercut....but maybe I should be. ;)