August 1, 2015

All black every damn day

this cardigan is fantastic - it has loops at the bottom so you can wrap it around your neck or leave long as in the photo above

Barbara Í Gongini light asymmetric cardigan ~ Rick Owens Lilies skirt ~ Maison Martin Margiela wedges ~ Hvnter Gvtherer cuff ~ Elemental Luxury rings 

2 notes:

AMR said...

Kim, I feel a bit responsible as a couple (more?) years ago when - out of the blue, you dressed in all black and posted photos at a time when you were still wearing colourful clothes (I recall some neon yellow high heels) and I commented something along the lines of "Kim, dang! You should wear black all the time".
I'm sure you put loads of weight into random comments from total strangers but still…maybe I am partially to blame.

That said, ISNT BLACK THE BEST! ;)
This looks really lovely on you.

Side note: I have been doing all black for a long time - so, so easy and classic - but do add tan and navy on occasion. I know. I may be booted from the club.

kim. said...

I completely blame you AMR for leading me to the dark side.
I am loving black (ok, and grey). It makes life so much simpler. It is now all about the silhouette, the construction of the clothing and not about something as effortless as colour.
The neon yellow heels are dearly departed, and I never want to see them again :)