June 8, 2015

Becoming obsessed with zana bayne

Most of you I hope have heard of Zana Bayne, if not, here is a bit of an intro: Zana Bayne is a namesake artisanal luxury leather handbags and accessories brand based in NYC.  The Originals Collection was first introduced in 2010 with its unique high-end take on S&M-inspired aesthetics.  The brand has since expanded into glamorous seasonal and permanent collections of ornate and embellished leather works including skirts, bustiers, bras, and belts along with a Men's collection and a complete line of handbags. I am totally obsessed with her new bags which are TO DIE FOR, and I would LOVE a choker. (The harnesses rock but I doubt they are suitable for girls with ample sized boobs). Want all of these....

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