April 6, 2015

Wolf & Sadie - Eclisse

Yet another launch of a spectacular collection for spring/summer. Bramble of Wolf & Sadie outdoes herself this time around with a line of magical polished silver that has me dying for every single piece. Here are some photos I snagged from her lookbook. Introducing...Eclisse.

Barren & scorched landscape devoid of promise
– a stark look forward into the dystopian future.
Bold, minimal and brave pieces that arm you for the season to come.
Eclisse is an emergence of craftsmanship and invention for the house.
This collection is bold and minimal, yet hugely expressive for the coming season.
The spring equinox is a time of growth and evolution
and these pieces embody that emergence into a new era.
//Fate. Up against your will. Through the thick and thin//

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