March 29, 2015

when it's friday and i have been sick all week

revolucion del sueño t-shirt from Sayulita ~ Rick Owens Drkshdw Sarouel lounge pants (SSENSE) ~ Rick Owens shearling lined leather Ramones (4) ~ Hvunter Gvtherer slag arm cuff ~ Wunderkammer necklace 

2 notes:

Deborah said...

Those Sarouel lounge pants are so cool looking. I love drop crotch pants, they are so comfortable and the shape and silhouette has the effortless look to it. Sorry you haven't been well :(

kim. said...

They are SO comfy. And thanks, I was suffering through my 4th bad cold/cough of the season. I have pretty much HAD IT with being sick.