December 20, 2014

why photos should not be taken after working 8 hours

...with only 5 minutes to get them done. My shirt is off kilter and stuck in the back of my pants, and my hair is kinky. My photog failed to mention the shirt issues to me while snapping these. Oh well. At least I am able to share my new totally wacky Barbara Í Gongini top.

Barbara Í Gongini square top ~ Rick Owens Drkshdw jeans (YOOX) ~ Guidi 796G calf gomma backzips ~ rings via Samantha Howard Vintage and Puerto Vallarta 

2 notes:

Deborah said...

You look great! And that top is killer. What colour is it exactly?

kim. said...

Thanks! I guess I'd call it military green or khaki.