December 21, 2014

New releases

There have been some new releases recently so I thought I would share in case you missed the launches.

Laura of Hunter Gatherer launched 3 new pieces that are ow available for pre-order as part of a collaboration with designer/artist Hogan McLaughlin. OMG they are beautiful!

Arcuo headpiece and Nodo pendant/pin

Abeo ear ornament/pin

Placide Avantia, an amazing tattooer (her dotwork is incredible) and illustrator from France has launched a few new designs to her clothing line Fuscare. (I may have ordered a couple of pieces)

I ended up purchasing pieces she had previously launched which are among these.....

Audrey of Ovate relaunched her gorg hemp blend scarf with leather binding...

Barbara Í Gongini recently included this absolutely stunning leather jacket (available for pre-order) to her latest collection. DREAMY!

(and I mentioned Maude's latest collection Stellar Mourning the other day in this post)

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