December 10, 2014

black friday scores

I wasn't really going to get anything during Black Friday sales but as soon as I heard Barbara Í Gongini was offering 50% off her whole online shop (even on sale items!) I instantly caved. The package arrive today and I am thrilled with my purchases.

My favourite is that wool jacket in front. I had been eyeballing it for AGES and at 50% off the sale price was too ridiculous to pass up. It's gorgeous and even has thumbholes! The thickness of it is perfect for winter.

I need more layering pieces so the next 2 will work great. The grey top is long - dress length and is made of the coziest wool. It has neat details - how it's stitched inside out.

I also got an asymmetrical top in military green that has long sleeves and square shoulders, which makes for some wacky draping.

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