October 18, 2014

I thought, what is the most perverse thing I could do?

Something light and fragile like tulle
   - Rick Owens (on his Faun S/S 2015 collection)

Ovate dress/tunic ~ Rick Owens Lilies leggings (Antonioli) ~ Silent Damir Doma Sila sandals (YOOX) ~ Balenciaga bracelet ~ Elaine Ho Brutaliste brass triplex pendant ~ rings from Mexico & Samantha Howard Vintage ~ old glasses that it took me 4 hours to realize I had on instead of my usual ones

4 notes:

ODYSSEY said...

Those killer leggings again, ahhh! *wants a pair but waited too late and now can't find*

kim. said...

:) If I ever see them I'll let you know.

Peggy said...

Gaah! Did you get your eyebrows professionally done? You look friggin' gorgeous in that last pic!

P.S. Rick Owens should hire you as his spokesperson/model.

kim. said...

Thanks Peggy! I had neglected my eyebrows for years - now I get them shaped every month. Totally worth the $28.75/mth (except they look strange in that last photo)