October 12, 2014

For everybody’s benefit I better just do my job quietly in a little corner like I do

Rick Owens Drkshdw denim vest (YOOX) ~ Rick Owens Lilies cross draped top (Lane Crawford) ~ CItizens of Humanity cargo skinnies ~ Guidi reverse leather boots (Eva Gentry Consignment) ~ MM6 ring (SSENSE)

title quote by Rick Owens

2 notes:

Deborah said...

That vest again. I do love it! You must be thankful that you work in an environment that doesn't have a strict or formal dress code and that you are able to be expressive in your style in the work place. I am not sure how long I would last in more corporate setting :) BTW, I always enjoy your post titles :)

kim. said...

:) I work for the federal gov't in a supervisory position so I probably should dress a little more professionally but I just want to be comfy and happy. Plus I work in IT with lots of dudes so if I'm not wearing jeans I'm more dressed up than 80% of my colleagues.