October 7, 2014


I have admired the work of Montreal jewelry designer Elaine Ho for quite some time (I featured her here in March) and lately I've ben itching to get myself a piece from her Brutaliste collection as I am a huge fan of vintage modernist/brutalist jewelry. I could never decide what to get so when a couple of days ago she announced 20% off everything in her shop, I finally made a purchase. I went with the brass triplex pendant. It is GORG! Now I wish I had of ordered a ring...and oooohhhh the cuff.... (20% off still ongoing for the rest of the week with code DEBEERS!!!)

4 notes:

Deborah said...

Beautiful necklace! You know you really should make the most of the sale....cuff or ring;)

kim. said...

AHHH don't tempt me. There are 2 other jewelry designers I am hoping to make purchases from in the near future.

ODYSSEY said...

Love!! I'll go look at her collection online..
Nice lipstick. :)

kim. said...

Thanks! (Trusty Clinique chubby stick)
Today is last day for 20% off!