September 23, 2014

What kind of feelings and emotions does "black" bring to you?

Mostly poetic, but I can use it also as a strong, eternal, beautiful and classic colour. Or even to add strength. It can range from romantic to aggressive, a whole gamut of emotions.
       * Ann Demeulemeester

Elena Dawson blazer (Cahier D'Exercices) ~ Noctex angle dress ~ Guidi boots (Eva Gentry Consignment)

4 notes:

Deborah said...

This is quite breathtaking. Is that the new dress? It's stunning. The more structured jacket over a the fluid dress creates a very nice look. Seems like your weather is starting to cool down?

kim. said...

Thanks! It is my new dress - i love it!
It cooled down for a couple of days and then went right back to 25 C. :-) :-) :-)

ODYSSEY said...

Simply put: black makes me feel like myself.
That blazer...!

kim. said...

I treasure this blazer. Last time I was at Cahier D'Exercices I spotted the most incredible Elena blouse - I pulled it off the rack and immediately put it back. Too tempting to take more than a quick glance (stupid new house LOL) but I haven't stopped thinking about it.