September 15, 2014

Newbies from Noctex

Have I mentioned lately how much I love supporting independent designers, especially Canadian ones? Noctex is a new favourite brand by Negin Izad from Vancouver that I blogged last month. Her F/W 2014 line is out and this is what I scooped up: contrast longsleeve, angle t-dress, squared hem tank - thermal knit (sorry for the shit photo - it was dark and blogger sucks)

3 notes:

Deborah said...

Nice additions to your wardrobe Kim. I have been thinking a lot about supporting my local brands and designers. I'm on a shopping fast for a month, which has slowed me down and given me some thinking space. Despite my love for certain o/s designers, I am feeling more inclined to really hone my focus locally.

kim. said...

:-) I like that warm and fuzzy feeling I get when the designer thanks me on IG for buying their wares.
P.S. a shopping fast?!?! the horror!

Deborah said...

It is always nice to be acknowledged:)

Yes a shopping fast is quite a drastic action, but one that I needed as an exercise in self discipline lol. Of course the email I received today advising of a sale by one of my favourite labels doesn't help, but I am holding firm lol