September 7, 2014

a scene from the matrix

Noctex washed linen vest ~ Aritzia sleeveless dress ~ Lost & Found wool/cotton blend leggings (YOOX) ~ Guidi shoes ~ Hunter Gatherer cuff ~ vintage Robert Larin necklace & middle finger ring (Samantha Howard Vintage) ~ Cassandra Shaw ring finger ring 

(i was walking to a team meeting at work and a few of the guys on my team were behind of them told me I looked like a character from The Matrix movie. i'll take that as a compliment.)

5 notes:

Deborah said...

Definitely a compliment:) Love black and grey worn together.

Joni James said...

Love that vintage necklace, wow. And I too love black and grey together. Even in my pajamas.

ODYSSEY said...

Ha! Yeah, I'd say it's a compliment. I got told by a co-worker that I reminded her of a ninja. I said "thanks!" :)