August 14, 2014

Montreal finds

In the middle of furniture shopping Tuesday in Montreal, I insisted we hop over to Cahier D'Exercices to check out their end-of-season sales. I was excited to find several Rick Owens Lilies and Drkshdw pieces that were sweeeeeet and in my size. I also drooled over his fall/winter pieces at the store too of course (and a couple of Elena Dawson pieces - gawd her stuff is just incredible...there was this long blouse....)

Lilies tunic dress in Delf

Sorry for the crap quality but I had to lighten these alot to show the detail. Drkshdw new toga dress - 2 layers of the coziest cotton. LOVE this. Works perfectly on us unshapely chicks. 

I have to go to the Fedex depot tonight to pick up a package. Stay tuned tomorrow for that. :)

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Deborah said...

Great score! Is it ok of I confess a little envy? If I'm ever going to have easy access to Rick Owens I might have to open my own boutique! Beautiful pieces and I look forward to seeing them on the blog:)

kim. said...

Don't be too envious. I had to drive 2 hours for this. Montreal has 3 shops that I know of that sell some RO, and Toronto has a few I think but that's a 5 hour drive. In which case I'm better of driving down to NYC and having access to WAY more shops that carry RO.
(I think about opening my own shop here every now and then, but quickly realize I'd be the only one shopping at it LOL)

ODYSSEY said...

Did you go to Reborn too? On Rue Saint-Paul. They stock RO. For me, that was where it all started three years ago! :D Bought a pair of DRKSHDW harem shorts there, and wearing them today, in fact.
Don't you love how his stuff is all "WTF" on the hanger. I think that keeps the masses, especially those who can't think outside the box, from buying. Whatever, more for us! Ha.

ODYSSEY said...

Well, never mind, I went to look up the Reborn store and they've CLOSED. Pity, it was such a cool little boutique.

kim. said...

Reborn was still there last time I had gone to Mtrl but they had no RO. I think it had been a while since they carried his stuff. They closed a few months ago. I guess SSENSE bought them out or something like that...