August 9, 2014

latest from IG

I am always on Instagram and forget to actually blog some of my clothing and related purchases here. So I am making up for lost time now (but sorry these are iPhone pics).

New haircut for starters, including one shade darker brown than my usual, and some little bangs because I can't stand my hair in my face.

Some fantastic jewelry from Hunter Gatherer Chicago.

A necklace from a trip to Wunderkammer.

And some fragrance samples and a lip balm from LVNEA.

5 notes:

ODYSSEY said...

The little fringe really suits you. Love those glasses!

Anonymous said...

Like your new haircut!

Who makes those plaster bugs in the jewelry picture?

kim. said...

Thanks Stephanie and Anon!

The bugs are from Wunderkammer (local shop down in the Byward Market). They were $3.50 each!

Deborah said...

Kim your new haircut looks fantastic. Do you plan on wearing the fringe forward as well, like a french fringe? I notice you have gone back to the longer strands a the front, it suits you.

Cool purchases.

kim. said...

Thanks Deborah! I don't mind wearing them forwards but i think my stylist should have cut them a bit shorter (I already hacked at them on the side, the had them taper longer and i wanted them short all the way across). i'm still trying to figure them out.