August 8, 2014

barbara i gongini SS 2015

Barbara Í Gongini is truly a creative genius. When I saw photos pop up on her Facebook page of her SS15 line I had to share. Everything is so edgy and unique...and black. :)


5 notes:

ODYSSEY said...

I noticed one of my favorite online shops now has Barbara I Gongini. Watch out, wallet.

kim. said...

Oh which one?
I always end up ordering off her site (like yesterday heeheehee) - lots of amazing deals in the sale and archive sections (and when I put some items in my cart, the prices were even lower than listed!)

Deborah said...

Stunning pieces and I love the drama captured in the photos.

Helenisready said...

Two words sprang to my mind
bondage zombie

Sorry, maybe it's a generation thing. I don't get it.

kim. said...

@Helenisready LOL - well it is from the runway. Perhaps you'd be more on my side if some of the random accessories were removed.