August 21, 2014

a primitive but disciplined elegance

Rick Owens Drkshdw new toga dress (Cahier D'Exercices) ~ Silent Damir Doma Sila sandals (YOOX) ~ jewelry by Hunter Gatherer

to note: i have no curves, so dresses look like crap on me. this dress is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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ODYSSEY said...

Divine! Jewelry, dress, shoes, everything.
THIS is summer dressing.

Deborah said...

Beautiful dress! We are heading towards summer and this is exactly how I like to dress in the warm weather, black, simple, elegant and edge. I'm a winter girl but you have me looking forward to summer:). Are the rings comfortable to wear?

kim. said...

Thanks Deborah! I think it's a hoot when folks from Aus use the term winter. I can tell you about winter. LOL
The rings are quite comfy. Just not so easy to type while wearing. :)

Deborah said...

Lol! Yes I know, our "winter" must be a bit of a joke to Canadians:). But to me it's cold ha ha and an excellent excuse to layer:). It took me ages to understand the concept of a "puffer" coat for daily wear as we would really only use that type of garment for say a trip to the snow;) but trust me...our summers are HOT.

kim. said...

I would take hot over cold any day. I detest winter with a passion. (I have a puffer jacket, a Canada GOose parka, mukluks....)