May 11, 2014

I almost cried the other day listening to ‘Vogue’ by Madonna

Rick Owens Lilies top ~ Barbara Í Gongini skirt ~ Guidi shoes (StyleZeitgeist) ~ ADORN ring

Title quote by Rick Owens

And the more I blog here, the more I realize that as I get older, gravity and my never having worked out in my life (ok, I did a couple of times in college) is really working against me. But I live a chaotic life so when in the f*ck am I supposed to find time to go to a gym? Life sucks. 16 hour work days suck. Flab sucks. Maybe I will live off of smoothies for the summer. And really fun cocktails. P.S. I desperately need some thinner clothes for summer. I am set for shoes but everything else - EEEKKKK! 

2 notes:

Peggy said...

oh gosh hon. you're way too hard on yourself. i get it, though. but you are gorgeous and your figure is fabulous, and you have great style. it's so damn hard to be a woman. but here's a lesson i learned. time passes quickly. enjoy who you are in this moment. i was shocked to see a picture from me from 14 years ago (on my FB). i was shocked how much i aged. but mostly i was shocked how cute i was. i thought i was fat and ugly at the time. what a waste. 'course if i'd known how cute i was, i'd have been a much bigger slut. you are amazing. and you don't have to go to a friggin' gym, save your money. i don't buy gym memberships anymore cuz i know i will not go. just take a few walks around the block. oh wait, you're already doing that by walking to work, so see you are exercising!

kim. said...

OMG peggy you crack me up.