May 6, 2014

guidi #2

Spotted these on StyleZeitgeist's classifieds the other day and thought hell, I am due for another pair of Guidis. Yes, it is an obsession. And I am OK with that. :)

2 notes:

ODYSSEY said...

I like how broken in they look, I'm guessing that's part of Guidi's appeal. Great color, too - especially with black clothes. How does Guidi's sizing run? (Can you tell I want a pair? Black back zip boots, to be specific..)

kim. said...

Thx! i'm dying for a pair of those, a flat one for a change. i kept hearing how small they run, so my first pair was a 10. I'm an 8.5 and usually go with 9 for boots so i can wear whatever size sock in winter. they were BIG. with these I was told they fit like a 8.5-9. i was hesitant since they're shoes and less forgiving but they work. i think they fit like a i can wear in winter with tights/probably thin socks no problem.
in the end, it seems kind of random. but they seem to give a decent amount so even if they ended up a it small they would stretch.