April 25, 2014

more reasons for me to get a third job

I came across these Trippen sandals and wonder what they look like on feet. Very cool design.

And while looking for more photos of the sandals above, I ended up on local shop Kaliyana's website and spotted this amazingly versatile piece. It is conveniently called The Convertible One: Made of soft stretch jersey with a bandeau waistband, The One can be worn as a dress, skirt, sarouel pant, batwing top, or oversized shrug jacket. A set of drawstrings can be used to create a ruched or gathered effect, for an even greater variety of looks. Ties inside sleeves allow for adjustment of sleeve length. WHOA! I want to see this for myself. I hope it comes with instructions.

3 notes:

stylencritics said...

i agree with you, these sandals are so cool!!!

Laurel said...

I bought The One from Kaliyana on Sussex and I love it. I've only worn it around the house because it's been too cold to wear it outside, but it's really awesome--supremely comfortable and versatile. It does come with instructions and the staff in the store will show you how to make all the looks. And Kaliyana sells Trippen! I have a pair of Trippen ballet flats I bought at gravitypope in Vancouver and I love them.

kim. said...

I walked right by Kaliyana today and decided not to go in and tempt myself (they had it in the window). Damn. Maybe I'll go this week sometime on a lunch break. I'll check their Trippens too. :)