March 22, 2014


Thanks to good 'ol government job and the health plan we public servants have, I can get some money back every 2 years for eyeglasses. Which is enough of an excuse for me to get new glasses! I wanted regular eyeglasses (I picked a Prada pair) and my prescription sunglasses are awful for actually blocking sunlight so I picked out a pair of those too (Oakley). I got them at Tri Optical in Chinatown on Somerset St. in case anyone local is interested in checking them out (I walk by there daily). They have a pretty decent selection of designer brands (including lots of Chanel sunglasses and some pretty cool Chloe eyeglasses).

Barbara Í Gongini's webshop has some lovely things on sale and a dress caught my eye. I LOVE ordering from her site because it is free shipping (I do get dinged for duty and handling) and they ship Fedex, so my order was placed on the 17th, shipped on the 18th and arrived the 21st...from Denmark! She is up there with Rick Owens for uniqueness with shapes and draping. They both never cease to amaze me. This dress is polyester which at first I was a bit leery of but it is good quality (as much as poly can be I suppose) and I can wear it all year round. It has a drawstring hood and a tie at the waist so you can wear it a few different ways (on her site it's not tied). I can't wait to wear this. :)

4 notes:

Anonymous said...

Not my first visit but my first comment: those glasses look good on you! :)

Lucia Jaye said...

Both those glasses suit you perfectly!