March 3, 2014

lookie what just showed up

One can never have too many basics. I had been eyeballing this Rick Owens Lilies top for probably a year and it seemed horribly overpriced initially, but then ended up after many months being marked down 60%. Then there was a period of time where sale items were then another 40% off. So I snagged it for about $150 including shipping and taxes. Not bad! When I pulled it out of the box it took me a minute to figure out how the top is supposed to go - as is sometimes the case with wonky Rick Owens draping.

And the photo from the store's site:

I love that the sleeves are a sheer very fine ribbed cotton, in comparison to the rest which is rayon. Yay! (P.S. I hate the store I ordered this from as they usually screw up something so I'm not plugging them - although they managed to get it right this time, but too little too late. :P )

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Good purchase.
And where from..? :B

kim. said...

starts with a G and ends in ravity Pope. ;)