March 7, 2014

elaine ho

I love Elaine Ho's jewelry. It's edgy and original and she makes a ring a day. Yes, a ring a day. Yesterday it was this adorable cat ring. She is a fellow Canadian from Montréal who shares my cat obsession. :) Here are some pieces currently for sale in her shop.

rad: 029
rad: 031
rad: 053
caged crystal
double polyhedron ring

Elaine has done some collaborations with other cool Montréalers like Audrey of Ovate and Angie of Norwegian Wood:

norwegian wood x elaine ho dark crystal shard necklace 
norwegian wood x elaine ho dark crystal drop earrings
ovate x elaine ho mountain ring

1 notes:

Julia @ thebooandtheboy said...

I would LOVE to have one of each please!!!! AMAZING.