February 20, 2014


My husband needed to go downtown to the Apple store to get a new iPhone (his new 2 month old one died the other day) so we did that then headed over to my favourite shoe store, Wolf & Zed. For the record, we went because my husband wanted to check out shoes for himself. I swear. But of course, I headed to the women's section and checked out their sales. These Cydwoq boots caught my eye:

And I stupidly asked to try a pair on. They only had one size bigger than my usual size...but it was doable with an insole. And they looked GOOD. To my shock I passed on them. The salesgirl laughed because it looked like I was about to cry. DAMMIT. They are beautiful. The leather has ridges (for lack of a better term) and look a bit rough. DAMMIT! (Feel free to tell me how stupid I am in the comments).

I also spotted these Fiorentini + Baker boots, and stared and touched them for a while. Possibly even more beautiful than those above but pricier. Somehow the photos I found don't show the GORG olivey/brown colour accurately. (The first photo is from Wolf & Zed's site - accurate for the shape anyway). They remind me of Guidis but a third the price.

I managed to leave empty handed. Without a tear shed. 

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Holly Bruns said...

Thanks for this! I sent my husband and he came home with a great pair of boots that were an amazing deal.