February 22, 2014

there are no bad pictures, that's just how your face looks sometimes

My frustration is mounting over my inability to find a decent spot to have pics taken at work. This week was terrible (no offense Julia). These were the only 2 photos I could salvage from the end of the week. *&^&%* (And sis is off work for almost all of the next 3 weeks so I'm even more screwed)

Aritzia silk v-neck top ~ scarf from Puerto Vallarta ~ Rick Owens Drkshdw jeans (YOOX) ~ Dolce Vita chelsea boots ~ Balenciaga bracelet

Elena Dawson blazer (Cahier D'Exercices) ~ F21 sleeveless blouse ~ All Saints pants ~ Guidi 3009 boots (Eva Gentry Consignment)

2 notes:

ODYSSEY said...

Your Elena Dawson blazer is the ultimate. The raw unfinished aspect is most appealing.
After I moved to a new place last spring, I never did find a good spot to photograph indoors.

kim. said...

the raw/handmade quality gets me every time.
the joys of living in a 6-mth winter climate AND working in an ugly office building surrounded by a bunch of other ugly office buildings (and my sister losing her office with a window - I have a window but it directly faces another building so basically no light)