February 16, 2014

shoot me, i'm back

I am back from Puerto Vallarta, where it was sunny every day and so freaking hot. Today I woke up and it was -24 out. Dear gawd how I wish I could have stayed in PV. (I did try and extend my stay by 2 days but United would have charged me $1300 to change my return flight - it only cost $900 round trip). I didn't buy much - everything is pretty much the same every time I visit so I'm running out of things to buy. And what I really wanted was pricey from art gallery type shops and until I get a new house, I'm not making investments like that. We didn't even hit up the mall so I really didn't end up with much to show here - and the house-related stuff will be featured on my page of desire to inspire eventually.

I managed to find a touristy t-shirt that was super soft and cozy. So much so I wore it on the long trip home. On my last day we spent the day in the town of Sayulita - a dirty, funky surf town filled with stray dogs and hippies. Although downtown is only a few blocks, it's got some really great shops. This shirt comes from a shop called Rosemary Clothing Boutique. I bought a skirt and dress there on my last visit.

This bag, also from the shop above, was only about $10 USD so I grabbed it too. But it shed all over me so I have to wash it. It's really soft and the strap is thick so it's easy on the shoulder when you're lugging a camera and other crap.

My favourite jewelry store in Puerto Vallarta (and there are plenty) is called Cassandra Shaw. Cassandra happens to be from Ottawa and has 2 of the most adorable chihuahuas named Leonardo and M.J. Bean (seen here).  I treated myself to these 2 rings.

After a few days I started to get worried that the sun would really lighten my hair, so on a stop at a bathing suit store at the marina (my mom is obsessed with bathing suits and never seems to have enough - hilarious since I own 4) I found this scarf. I little too thick and large for a head scarf but it did the trick. And I can use it all year long.

I did not have a large sized purse/bag to bring on the plane so I ended up using an Aldo purse I was trying to sell, and my husband's Herschel duffel bag. I found this huge purse at a Lans department store on sale for about $40 - it was perfect on the trip home.

You can find these little bracelets all over Mexico....mostly sold my little kids pimped out by their parents to suck up to the tourists. This one I bought from a 2.5 year old who was walking around a café in Sayulita with her 4 year old sister. I should have bought 85 of them.

There is a shop at the marina that sells artsy stuff and, randomly, some charms that fit Pandora bracelets so I got 3 with a bit of gold to add to my collection. (Thanks mom!)

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