January 11, 2014

those boots

I have loved military style boots for as long as I can remember, and I've been crushing on Ann Demeulemeester ones specifically. When LN-CC started their fall/winter sale a few weeks back I began seriously checking them out, and when a certain pair went down to 60% off (and I found a discount code on my fav fashion forum for another 15% off) I could not resist. Military boots are perfect for shitty Ottawa weather, and Ann does them best. By far. Welcome to my new Ann Demeulemeester tamponato mid high boots. They will be featured frequently here on the blog I guarantee it. :-) (P.S. As I mentioned on Instagram, LN-CC are the best online shop around)

2 notes:

gabriella said...

ahhhhhh kim they are amaze-balls!!! so beautiful!!!!

kim. said...

thx! i L O V E them.