January 13, 2014

rain on my parade

It's been a super annoying 24 hour or so. I booked a flight to Puerto Vallarta last night - an amazing non-stop flight that happened to be the same one Jen is taking with her hubby and kids. It was on the 8th try though so I figured it was bogus. Sure enough I woke up to discover an email saying it was not confirmed by the airline so a no-go. So in between trying to get work done at my gov't job today I had to make sure they cancelled my payment and tried to find another flight. Which I did about a half hour ago. Not nearly as perfect as the first flight but whatever. It gets my ass to Mexico from Feb 2-13.

If that wasn't annoying enough I get home to find a delivery notice from DHL - they tried to deliver these Rick Owens goodies I bought on Antonioli back on Dec 27. (Took long enough!!) My first Antonioli purchase and now my last. Turns out about $500 cost me $178 in duty/taxes etc. NEVER AGAIN will I shop anywhere where this isn't covered (except maybe YOOX when their stuff goes stupid cheap, then it's worth it). Just thought I'd warn any of you Canadians thinking of taking advantage of sales. Go to LN-CC instead. Now it's 70% off and DUTY TAX INCLUDED (and they'll ship the next day, not 2 weeks later)!!! #firstworldproblems

Gotta go pour a glass of vino and get some chocolate.

2 notes:

Anonymous said...

Kim, and with the Euro being 1.49 cdn, it is not a pretty picture either. I hope that you really like the piece you bought.

kim. said...

i do thank gawd and they fit perfectly (check them out on Instagram here) but i won't it again.