December 27, 2013

more christmas goodies

My mom, who taught me to love shopping, spoiled me and my sisters as per usual. (My dad too but he has nothing to do with the shopping, he just pays - LOL). Jen helped her place an order to Hong Kong, Montreal, and the rest she picked out on her own...and apparently knows me quite well. More black, and then some more black. :-)

The fingerless hooded top above is from the Hong Kong line Shades of Silence I discovered via Instagram. Their pieces are really cool, and at great prices. Jen ordered this top in a medium. It is so freaking small I could barely squeeze myself into it. None of the dimensions make any sense on the website so I sent them an email - still waiting for a response. I might have to do some creative stretching in order to make this wearable - otherwise maybe my 7 year old niece will want it. (Sort of joking - she's the only person I know it would fit comfortably). Funny how it looks fairly loose on the model. Unless she's 7. 

This is a large size washable kraft paper lunch hand bag clutch also by Shades of Silence. LOVE this. And it fits. ;)

Another piece by Montreal-based Ovate - a superfine merino wool turtleneck with raw hem. A fab winter staple.

Now here is what my mom came up with on her own. She's such a smart cookie. :)

I usually detest anything from Jacob (too common and boring for my liking) but she did good with these. The black one is a wrap sweater with a built-in tank and looks really cute on. The striped shirt looks way better on than I thought it would, and will be great under black cardis/blazers etc.

A CK fur vest (I'm guessing from The Bay) with gold buckles. I have had a few faux fur vests in the past that looked so gross - like I was wearing an old teddy bear. This one actually works.

This had my twin sister and I cracking up. We have admired Wildfox's frayed sweater like this for a while but I never thought it was worth the $300 or whatever they go for. My mom saw this at F21 and thought I'd love it. See? She's so smart.

These were in my stocking and I had to take a photo because these are genius. They're boot socks. And they're nice enough that I think having the top sticking out of my Guidi or Rick Owens wedge boots would look awesome.

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What's the difference between boot socks and regular long socks?

kim. said...

I don't know - I never really see long socks in shops. Maybe these claim to be boot socks because they have the nice ribbing on the top? All I know is I didn't own any decent length socks before these so I'm stoked. :)