December 30, 2013

and these happened the other day

OOPS. I gone and done it again. I just cannot resist a good sale because it will be a while before these discounts come around again and my winter wardrobe needed a serious overhaul. I got plenty of good stuff for Christmas, but I was craving more Rick Owens. Because he is a god. My god. I'm catholic bordering on atheist, but I'd get on my knees and pray to Rick. (I need pizza, which explains my delirium). Well, I broke down and placed my first order with Antonioli, based in Italy. And like just about every other online shop on the planet, they are DDU (delivery duties unpaid) so I am SO EXCITED to find out how much I'm going to get nailed for duty/tax.

Rick Owens Lilies asymmetric high collar jacket (wool blend)
 (It's black but as usual, Blogger has f*cked up the photos upon upload)

Rick Owens Lilies leggings with side detail

And may I just add ow stoked I was to find out that the Rick Owens online shop that finally just launched offers DDP (delivery duties paid) to a handful of countries, including the U.S. but of course NOT Canada. Thanks man. THANKS.

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Loving the jacket, loving the leggings.