November 6, 2013

tuesday at the office

P.S. I am no longer photoshopping my annoying frown lines. You'll get to see the magic of botox in action (and maybe filler depending on how the rest of the week goes).

blazer ~ H&M
shirt ~ Anthropologie
jeans ~ Joe's Jeans via eLuxe
booties ~ Jeffrey Campbell's Nation H via Solestruck
necklace ~ Ponciana (Puerto Vallarta)

2 notes:

Peggy said...

Kim, you look really hot here. I share your love of draped and architectural clothing, but....I think you should wear clothes that are more fitted to your body. You have a hot bod! Embrace it!

kim. said...

thanks Peggy! i enjoy fitted clothes, but not all the time. it gets boring, and I don't work out so sucking in gets tiring. :-)