November 17, 2013

the progression of my forehead

I have a million things to do today but wanted to quickly show you some magic that's been happening with respect to my &^%*@$ frown lines. I unfortunately wasn't very organized with taking photos during all of this but I managed to find and take some that I think adequately show before and after.

As I mentioned about 2 weeks ago, I went to a plastic surgeon to try out some botox to get rid of the gawd awful frown lines at the top of my nose. I knew they were pretty bad, until the plastic surgeon told me it looked like someone knifed me. HA! So it wasn't all in my head. Here's an old photo I found that should give a fairly accurate idea of what it used to look like (and it was alot worse in person - trust me).

Here was a photo I had my sister take on Thursday when we were doing my outfit pics, about 2 weeks after getting botox.

Gawd I really hate blogger. This photo once uploaded looks photoshopped, and I didn't touch it. So I uploaded it to Flickr here. Anyway, the line on my left side has pretty much disappeared, but the really deep one on the right was still showing a fair bit. I decided to go back to the plastic surgeon on Friday and got some filler put in to really plump up that area. Now, I've had that knife slice of a line for many years so I know it will take time to go away completely but OMG, when I was doing my basic makeup routine Saturday morning and once I did some quick touchups over that area, I swear I nearly cried. It's pretty much gone. Just like that.

(Pay no attention to my puffy eyes. I guess I didn't get enough sleep last night). I wanted to share this experience here because I am so shocked at how well this has turned out and if anyone out there has ever thought about getting rid of some totally unwanted lines, now you know it freaking works! I have to admit that this wasn't a very inexpensive process (the botox was about $300, and I wanted to pass out when he told me the filler would cost $500) but the botox only needs to be repeated every 4-6 months (until the muscle is weakened enough that I won't need it anymore, hopefully) and the filler lasts I think 1.5 years. So all in all it's not too bad, and no one had to slice my face open. Both my sisters want to do this now. And I can't wait to have dinner at my parents tonight and show them all how it looks in person. :-) SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!
(P.S. If anyone in the Ottawa area would like this plastic surgeon's name - shoot me an email. He comes highly recommended by both my mom and I)

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Peggy said...

Wow! Kim you are so gorgeous. I am so jealous! I'd love to have some plastic surgery. But I want a ton. Now that your frown lines are gone, your eyebrows need to be reshaped to further enhance your gorgeous eyes. I wish I had photoshop skills, I'd do a photo if I could to demonstrate. Anyway, I'd consult with a professional, it's not that expensive. And, of course, please show us your progress.

P.S. I've been losing weight, and want to show some pics on my blog, I cannot get a glamour shot of me to save my life! I am the world's most unphotogenic person!

kim. said...

i haven't done more than pluck my brows myself in years. i totally agree they need some work. and i can't wait to see pics of you!

Lili said...

That is awesome. You look great!

kim. said...

Thanks! I'm still amazed at how well this turned out. GAWD how I hated those freaking lines!