November 21, 2013

so freaking busy

I'm so freaking busy at work these days, and then my photog had about 2.5 minutes to shoot my outfit so these pics kind of suck and she didn't bother telling my necklace was flipped backwards. (P.S. I found a ridiculously good deal on something today that I'm super stoked about - will of course share when they arrive)

(won't be wearing this vest with baggy pants again - not very flattering)

denim vest ~ Rick Owens Drkshdw (YOOX)
turtleneck ~ Joe Fresh
pants ~ Gap - super old that I can't seem to get rid of because I haven't found any similar
chelsea boots ~ Dolce Vita (Wolf & Zed)
necklace ~ vintage R. Landerholm (Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show)
leather bracelet ~ Bauxo (Heavens to Betsy)

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Similar... finishing work at 4-5am last couple of weeks.

kim. said...

oh lordy - I definitively haven't been working THAT hard. poor you!