November 1, 2013


A quick update on the latest happenings around here. First, I placed an order online last night that I'm really excited about. I'm praying to gawd it all fits because it's coming from Denmark. If you pay close attention to this blog you may have an idea of what this might be. ;) And today is a busy day - I'm getting my hair done this afternoon (OMG dark hair is so much more maintenance for me than when I had blond highlights) but before that is a consultation with a plastic surgeon. Nothing major but there's something that  has been driving me bonkers for a while and I want to see if I can have it disappear. Hopefully it can happen today. More on that later. (I know, I'm not giving much info but why ruin the surprise?) HAPPY FRIDAY!

2 notes:

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with plastic surgery as long as you know when to stop. go for it and yes we want to know what you are having done.

kim. said...

i divulged what i had done on Instagram. it was probably the most minor procedure you can get these days.