November 12, 2013

guidi boot love

About an hour ago the doorbell rang. To my absolute delight it was a Canada Post guy dropping off a box at my door. It was my Guidi boots. They are fabulous. So simple, classy, timeless and crafted like no other footwear I've ever owned. I'll take better photos on Friday since I have the day off. I'm just so stoked that they arrived (and fast, it helps that Brooklyn isn't really that far from Ottawa) and fit me (they're a tad big so I'll just throw an insole inside or wear some nice warm socks) that I had to share ASAP.

P.S. They're used and came without much detail or a box, but I think these are probably horse reverse leather, model 3009, high heel back zips. And I got them from Eva Gentry Consignment.

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