November 2, 2013

friday at the office

As I mentioned yesterday, I went to see a plastic surgeon. My mom wanted an appointment with her doc to see about getting some work done (she's had some work done in the past and looks fabulous, but she's lost 20 lbs in the past year or so - YAY MOM! - and it's wreaking havoc on her face). I think it's awesome that my mom gets plastic surgery - if you're miserable about with the effects of aging then why not fix it? What my mom has had done was fantastic so I was stoked to show him my stupid frown lines between my eyebrows and get him to fix them. You may be wondering what lines I'm talking about. They make me look pissed off 24/7 and I HATE THEM and am tired of photoshopping them out of all of my photos. So I got 30 cc's of botox put at the top of my nose and along the top of my eyebrows about half way across. It was about 6-8 needles. It pricked, but no biggie. I have 5 tattoos and a nose ring so that was easy peasy. And it hurt for about an hour or 2 afterwards. Again, no biggie. And that's it. He charges $10/cc, and it takes 3-10 days to show improvements. If there isn't enough of an improvement I can go back and he'll use some filler. It only lasts 4-6 months, but chances are the more you get the injections, the looser the muscle that creates those lines becomes and eventually there's no need for more botox. YES! To make something so annoying go away with no surgery or anything more than a couple of needles is pretty amazing. I'll take a closeup when the effect is noticeable. I forgot to take a photo before the appointment so hopefully I have a photo somewhere that I haven't had my way with photoshop.

Anyhoo, here's my Halloween costume. ;)

cardi ~ Rick Owens Lilies
patchwork jeans ~ J Brand via SSENSE
boots ~ Fluevog's Prepare Volunteer

4 notes:

Jen B ( Lucia Jaye ) said...

For real $10/cc? So your treatment was $30? I always thought Botox was way more expensive! Now I want to go!
BTW - I get my clothes next week when my BF comes to visit! YAY!

kim. said...

$300 not $30. I wish!
Hope you like the clothes!

Anonymous said...

Yay Kim. I got them! I love them! Perfect!