October 9, 2013

Zara tops

Trying to dress this post baby body is proving to be harder than I remembered. The first day home from the hospital I packed up everything maternity and shipped it off to goodwill. I never ever want to see another pair of pants with a pouch, or a ruched side tank top. The problem is, I still have a large belly and a lot of weight to drop so none of my clothes fit. Given how big I was, I didn't expect it to go away overnight, but it's shrinking much slower then I would like. So I'm at a loss for what to wear. Throw the fact that I'm breastfeeding the little monster into the mix and I have to be extra picky with what I buy as easy access needs to be a factor. 
I took a peak around Zara and found a few tops that could work, but since I have no idea what size I am I can't order anything till I get a chance to go into the store to try them on. So basically I feel like I just wasted the last 30 min of quiet baby nap time for nothing :(

bird sweater
wrap around cardigan
two tone sweater

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kim. said...

LOVE the 1st and 3rd. Too bad the kid's on the boob every 20 mins cause i'd tell ya to bring her here while you run to Zara. :P