October 10, 2013

wednesday at the office

I swear I've been trying to get pics outside while the weather is still lovely but it's been a busy week and I can't seem to spare the couple of extra minutes to go outside. Lame, I know. Tomorrow my sister and I are going to Murale at lunch to get some new lipstick so there will FOR SURE be more interesting pics.

(not sure why this photo is uploading in sepia - f*cking blogger!)

draped cardi ~ Rick Owens Lilies
jeans ~ Joe's Jeans via eLuxe
sandals ~ Silent Damir Doma's Sila
middle finger ring ~ ADORN
ring finger ring ~ Ottawa Antique Show via Samantha Howard Vintage

P.S. The Ottawa Antique Show is coming up October 25-27 and the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show is November 10! I had a blast at both last year. And spent some $$$.

5 notes:


New lipstick - exciting :)

kim. said...

i should be taking notes on all the fab ones you wear on your blog. :)

Erin said...

Love Rick Owens - Is this the same draped cardigan as the one here?


It's sold out and I'm trying to figure out if there's anything out there that's similar - would you be able to show a close up of the loop on the right shoulder?


kim. said...

That one is a wool blend, which mine was supposed to be but I was sent a cotton blend one - I think mine's more like this. The shoulder loop on mine is the same as in the photo from lyst. Here's a wool one on YOOX for a good price. And they still have mine at Gravity Pope where I got it (but pay no attention to the description as it's WRONG.

Erin said...

Thanks Kim! :)