October 15, 2013

tuesday at the office

OMG my Rick Owens cardigan and skirt from this post arrived just now! They are FANTASTIC and I think you'll be seeing alot of them on the blog this winter. Despite the fact that they look like totally different shades of brown on the site, they actually are almost the same colour so I can wear them together - YES!!!. But I am panicking a bit - the skirt is sooooooo long and has a raw t-shirt type edge so I presume I need to cut it to make it a wearable length, which scares the shit out of me because I don't have really good scissors or the ability to cut without making jagged edges. I may get my mom's seamstress to do the cutting for me so I don't f*ck it up (or my mom if she thinks she has skillz). :-) 

leather jacket ~ Guess (I cannot wait to replace this one day with a Rick Owens biker jacket)
sleeveless long blouse ~ Spotted Moth
pants ~ Jil Sander via LN-CC (my mom took them to her seamstress who tightened them in the legs by about 2 inches - they were stretching out too much - now they're AMAZING)
open-toe booties ~ Ann Demeulemeester (worn with socks because my toes are no longer suitable for public viewing)
belt ~ Club Monaco
spike bracelet ~ Heavens to Betsy
ring ~ BCBG
***and wearing my new YSL #2 brun glace lip stain. LOVE!!!

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