October 20, 2013


It is kind of cold and super windy today so a typical fall day here in Ottawa. This means I finally got the chance to pull out my Rick Owens thigh high suede boots, which was a really good thing because lawd half mursey these things are stiff and tight! Definitively in need of some breaking in. So I waddled around town in them this morning while doing errands. MUCH better! (And F*CK YOU blogger for messing up my photos again! I'll put the high res versions on Flickr)

coat ~ Pour (too small but I had to have it - bought at a sample sale so it was the only one)
sleeveless sweatshirt ~ Gareth Pugh via YOOX
cardi ~ Rick Owens Lilies
leggings ~ Aritzia
boots ~ Rick Owens A/W '12 via LN-CC
leather gym bag ~ Yvonne Kone

2 notes:

alyssa said...

I don't know why but I love watching you shift into fall/winter while I'm in spring heading towards summer here in Australia (and vice versa)

kim. said...

:-) wait until i pull out my parka and mukluks. GIDDY UP.
(i always have the urge to punch my Australian blog partner in the face when she talks about winter. above freezing temps IS NOT WINTER)