October 14, 2013

i be trippen

While I desperately wait for sales to happen so I can get myself some to-die-for Rick Owens and/or Ann Demeulemeester boots (although I may cave and break the bank on an upcoming Montreal trip because I'm far too impatient), I had less expensive Trippen footwear on my mind. I've always been a fan of this brand but have never owned any. They would be a pretty decent stand in for RO and AD. The following are from Gravity Pope, who suck a** as I've mentioned in previous posts due to past experience, but I had a hard time finding any other Canadian shops who carry them. I think the last 3 are my favourites.

4 notes:

ODYSSEY said...

Ahhhh, bootssss!!

Milex said...

the last one!!

kim. said...

those last ones come in a shorter version too