October 12, 2013

friday at the office (and some treats)

Friday at lunch my twin sister and I headed down the street to Murale to pick up some new lipsticks. We both have too many pink/summery ones and wanted some for fall/winter. Plus with my hair now dark I think I can pull off more bold colours (and since I wear glasses I think I'm going to start paying less attention to doing up my eyes and more on my lips).

t-shirt ~ House of the Gods via YOOX
jeans ~ Dish (really old)
studded pig flats ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs via SSENSE
necklace ~ Wunderkammer
bracelet ~ Balenciaga
canvas tote (oops i have the pattern facing me) from The Modern Shop

I had to stock up on my face cream. This is a new favourite of mine - great smell, not horribly expensive and thick enough that I don't feel like it's immediately being absorbed into my pores.

On the right is my first Yves Saint Laurent item. YSL is one of the most expensive brands so I typically tend to stay away but I wandered over to that section and was smitten with the great colours. I found an amazing bronze/orange colour '#2 brun glace' (although totally bizarre that it looks magenta on the wand), and a really fun Smashbox purple lipstick called vivid violet. Because I could not get a decent shot of the colours, here they are on my hand:

Hope they look good! And OMG, when YSL says 'stain', they REALLY freaking mean it. Here is my hand after wiping it with a tissue.

4 notes:

gabriella said...

i like the lipsticks you chose!! really digging the vampy, bold looks for fall. if it ever cools down!!

kim. said...

thx! yeah no kidding - but no complaints here!

Honnie said...

Hey I just got these flats from Gravity Pope and I love them. I had to give Gravity Pope a try because they had them on sale. Your advice was good though; I called and they put my size on hold. Shipping was fast too (5 days or so). So I think calling ahead is key for sale items.

kim. said...

Calling and verifying their stock is ABSOLUTELY key. Enjoy your new MBMJ flats!