October 18, 2013

barbara i gongini

I may be slightly obsessed with a certain designer I've mentioned here a few times, my beloved Rick Owens, and I may also have a slight obsession with Ann Demeulemeester (mostly for her footwear, blouses and blazers) but right up there with Rick and Ann is Barbara í Gongini. Her Nordic avant-garde fashion label is based in Copenhagen and it's always about black, edgy designs that are about as avant-garde as they come. What I love about Barbara's work is it's quirky but often very wearable with draping and shapes that are just so inventive. I'll be keeping a close eye on her line for the foreseeable future. The photos below are from her latest collection and I'd die for any of these pieces, but particularly the first one. I have GOT to own that!!! (via Farfetch, Henrik Vibskov Boutique and Barbara's e-shop).

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ODYSSEY said...

Her designs have been on my radar for a while - too bad they're not easy to source in the US. When I try a label for the first time, I prefer to shop in person, get an idea of fabric, fit, etc. Then I can order online with confidence!
If you buy/already own any Gongini, I'd be curious to know about fit and quality.

kim. said...

i don't own any of her stuff unfortunately. and since you can't get SHIT here in Canada I'm used to buying stuff online and just praying to the gods that it fits ok.

kim. said...

i have to mention that when my mom saw this post yesterday, she called me and asked where she could by her clothes. :-) (then she found out how much the items above cost and that ended the convo)