September 17, 2013


You may remember Jen...the other half of this blog who disappeared about 2 months ago due to pregnancy woes and large belly-ness...seems her woes are never-ending so her doctor has scheduled a C-section for next Friday***. :-) Adelina is almost here! Which means Jen may start blogging again soon!

***Make that Thursday 8 am!!!

4 notes:

vanessa said...

How exciting!! Love that you're adding another girl in the family - too much fun in store:)

It be great to have Jen back and I'm hoping she feels better soon. Good luck Jen!!

Anonymous said...

so happy to hear news aobut Jen, I have been worried! Good luck, looking ofrward to hearing all about the new bundle. (Michele/OAG)

Keren said...

Yay! I pray it all goes well - and we can see a pic of another beautiful baby girl soon! (man it is baby season at the mo - well at least on this side of the world) :P

jen@closetrivalry said...

if only it was tomorrow!
thanks ladies!