September 2, 2013

my new cardi and the story behind it

I purchased a GREAT cardigan recently that I'm totally stoked about because I do not own a decent one and have been looking for the perfect one for years, but I have to share the story on how I acquired this item because OMG I nearly lost my marbles.
Gravity Pope is a Canadian shop with a few actual stores and they are also online. I have ordered from them a few times and have run into issues each time. Once I ordered a bunch of super cheap converse and summer sandals at an end of summer sale and received an email that most of my order was not actually in stock. (I think I was so irritated I cancelled my whole order). Another time there were Adidas sneakers listed as ladies but seemed to be in men's sizes so I had to email them to verify. This time did not go smoothly at all. I noticed that they had a sale of 40% off existing sale prices so I ordered a pair of Camper shoes for my sister, and for me a pair of Trippen boots I had blogged a while back and a Rick Owens Lilies drape front cardigan. The next day I received an email that the Trippen boots were not in stock. I sent an email questioning this because the site still showed them as in stock. 2 days later I had not heard anything so I called them (they don't have a toll free #) and was told they do not have them in stock and they changed the listing right then to remove my size. I told them this had happened before, I was pissed, and I didn't think I would shop there ever again. So I suggested they give me a Rick Owens Lilies top instead of the boots, and they cover the $60 overage because it was the only other item I wanted. The guy on the phone needed approval so he called me back (the next day I think) and told me he did not receive authorization for that. REALLY?! Ok so I just wanted the freaking shirt then. And that Friday morning they emailed to say ok, they'd refund me the difference, which took them until Monday (the entire process taking over a week). Before the refund happened I emailed asking if they thought a size down in the Trippens would fit me because they seemed to have that in stock. The response I got was that the size down wasn't in stock either despite showing it was on the site. (WTF?!) All that to say I am going to think long and hard before I ever order from them again, and before I do I will call their non-toll-free number and pay the long distance fees to find out if they actually have what I want in stock. OH - and to make things even worse, the listing says the cardi is 30% rayon, 30% nylon, 20% wool, 20% angora (so like a sweater) when in fact the tag says it's 70% rayon, 15% nylon, 15% cotton (so like a shirt). I emailed GP about that on Friday, no response (yet).

All in all it was worth the headache because it's a DREAM - so cozy and the rayon lining means it's super warm and will keep it's shape better (especially when bunching up the sleeves). It also has a loop hole at the waist on one side, and a slit at each shoulder so you can wear it in several different ways. Rick Owens, always the genius.

And a gratuitous photo of Mimin who was driving me nuts while I tried to shoot these. 

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