September 21, 2013

Guidi love

Thanks to some bloggers and Instagram, I am now obsessed with Guidi footwear.
Guidi was established in 1896 by tanners Giovanni Rosellini and Gino Ulivo who established the original ‘Conceria Guidi E Rosellinni’ at Pescia in Tuscany, Italy. Ruggero Guidi is actually running the tannery and he spent his time and energy looking for the perfect balance between advanced technologies and respect for his heritage of traditions and skills. Passion for leather and a respect for its traditions are the only meanings of Guidi. He refuses the mass production logic  being focused on his own independent research beyond all the tendencies. Shoes that only a craftsman would be able to make, coming in soft, candid hides or in a distressed  strong smelling, thickened leather. Guidi is synonymous with the tie existing between the object and its possessor.
From what I've read from Guidi owners, they are boots that you wear a lifetime, and last just as long. Incredible in their craftsmanship and beauty. Guidi, where have you been all my life?!
P.S. So far I can't find anyone in Canada that carries them for women. :(

989 high back zip full grain horse leather
baby calf mid heel back zip 
knee high calf leather open toe
M2 kangaroo full grain back open zip ankle
1506 baby calf reversed back zip ankle
9001 soft horse full grain tall back zip in aubergine
9001 baby calf full grain high back zip 
3006 baby calf full grain high heel back zip 
4005 horse reverse lace-up boot with heel, 'Streghetta'
5009 calf full grain high back zip
burgundy calf back zip

3 notes:

ODYSSEY said...

Guidi... :)))) I've been watching this line, too. Wish they were more readily available, AND in my size. ((sigh))

kim. said...

i luckily don't have a size issue like you, but no one in Canada sells them so I can't try any on. :(

Jen B said...

OMG these are super awesomely cool.