September 3, 2013

a treat, and Barbara's jewelry

I decided since I made it to week 2 of acting for my boss I would treat myself to some new nail polish on my way home today when I should have stopped at the drug store across the street instead and bought allergy meds - HATE YOU RAGWEED!!! I hit up Murale and picked out Chanel's Black Satin (the black I have used lately is a cheap-o brand and I hate it) and Mysterious, a gorgeous dark olive green that is apparently a limited release.

Since I can't get all the black dye off of my fingers from my weekend project I thought coating my nails in one of these tonight would be a great distraction.
And since I have no outfit photos today... I received an email the other day from Barbara (a.k.a. Silverjunkee) in Vancouver who makes beautiful jewelry that I wanted to share. She has a blog and a recently opened Etsy shop. (LOOOOVE the ring in pic #3)

2 notes:

ODYSSEY said...

I've been using Chanel's Black Satin since its release in 2006. I think I'm on my 3rd or 4th bottle. It's THE best black.

kim. said...

good to know. :)